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  • Establishment of a Centre for advance research in genome structure and functions of different prokaryotic and eukaryotic models, including human.
  • To conduct clinical and molecular investigations on various human inherited and non-inherited genetic disorders (Monogenic and Multifactorial).
  • Establishment of a Regional Genetic Centre for Screening, Molecular Diagnosis and Counseling of Genetic and non-Genetic diseases, including Thalassemia and Spinocerebellar Ataxia.
  • Studies on genomic diversity of human populations with special reference to the diverse tribal groups of M.P.
  • Studies on the molecular pathogenesis of gall stone and gallbladder carcinoma.
  • Molecular genetic and clinical investigations on the epidemics, like tuberculosis, malaria and other pathogenic disease and genetic identification & molecular characterization of the pathogens.
  • Study on animal (wild life) and plant biodiversity and conservation of natural genetic resources with special reference to the rapidly depleting populations of endangered animal species and existence of rich plant resources in the state of M.P.

Education Overview

One of the major objectives of the Center for Genomics is to generate scientifically and technically well trained and confident young scientists through comprehensive academic curricula of teaching and training in the modern techniques in basic and molecular genetics. The most significant feature of this course is the comprehensive coverage of two major aspects of the science of genetics, the basic principles and their applications in human welfare (clinical & biotechnological prospects), both being tightly interrelated.


The Centre for Genomics strives to lead the national as well as international research through a commitment to disciplinary excellence across the spectrum of life sciences and medical sciences, to keep pace with other countries which are leading in the area of Human Genomics. We aim to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and provide support to the society through medical care, diagnosis and counseling of genetic and multi-factorial diseases, thereby contributing to improved health outcomes and better public health policy.

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So far, of the, 82 students from 9 batches that have passed out, as many as 59 students have either been recruited by several well known companies (16), whereas several others are working at various prestigious research institutions for their PhD/Post-Doc or at various research positions in India as well as abroad (43). In the last 3 years, 10 students have been selected by different biotechnology industries for their training and job placements under the DBT-BCIL program, a partnership of DBT with the Biotech Consortium India Limited, wherein students are recruited as industrial trainees (6 months) by various biotech companies with an objective to absorb them as employees in these industries. this program. MHG students have also received many awards for their academic and research excellence. A good number of students (16) have also qualified national level examinations like NET/GATE.