Education Overview


One of the major objectives of the Center for Genomics is to generate scientifically and technically well trained and confident young scientists through comprehensive academic curricula of teaching and training in the modern techniques in basic and molecular genetics. The most significant feature of this course is the comprehensive coverage of two major aspects of the science of genetics, the basic principles and their applications in human welfare (clinical & biotechnological prospects), both being tightly interrelated. To obtain maximum benefit of the above, a sound knowledge on the basic principles and techniques in molecular and human genetics is highly desirable.
A comprehensive knowledge on these aspects will, therefore, prove greatly advantageous to the students of human genetics in tackling the problems both at the level of medical therapy as well as carrying out detailed molecular investigations in the areas of molecular biology & biotechnology, independently or in combination. With Master's programme, the Center has also planned to initiate a regional facility centre for cytogenetic and molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders, assessment of their carrier risk and provide appropriate counseling to the affected patients.
This will be carried out in association with the doctors from local hospitals and private clinics where the patients are generally registered. Such technical facilities and specialties are not available in this region.