The Centre for Genomics strives to lead the national as well as international research through a commitment to disciplinary excellence across the spectrum of life sciences and medical sciences, to keep pace with other countries which are leading in the area of Human Genomics. We aim to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and provide support to the society through medical care, diagnosis and counseling of genetic and multi-factorial diseases, thereby contributing to improved health outcomes and better public health policy.

Our high level strategies include
  • Attracting the very best research students of the highest distinction and potential, nationally and internationally.
  • To provide a supportive research environment in which scholars, at every stage of their career can flourish and develop
  • Encouraging collaboration, regionally, nationally and internationally and effective partnerships with other research institutions and Universities.
  • Ensuring that the fruits of the University’s research activities are exploited and disseminated for the benefit of society.
  • Providing the academic and administrative services and facilities needed to facilitate research excellence and knowledge transfer

The Centre for Genomics will continue to develop multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research programs and new ventures to address many of the major challenges that face our society.