The Centre for Genomics is housed in a well spaced building having ample space for both laboratory works as well as teaching. The centre has two spacious laboratories and two spacious lecture halls that can accommodate about 20-25 students at a time with separate rooms for store, library, research laboratory, tissue culture, Drosophila culture and Microscopy room. There are also separate rooms for the Coordinator, the core faculty members and for the laboratory assistant. There is a common seminar hall which is shared by the Centre for Genomics and School of Studies in Neuroscience, Jiwaji University.

Major equipments available at Centre for Genomics

A. Equipments developed through Research Grants: (Equipments costing above 1 lakh)
    • Thermocycler (Eppendorf)
    • Real Time PCR (BioRad and Applied Biosystems)
    • High Speed cooling Centrifuge (Remi)
    • 2D-Gel Electrophoresis system (GE Amersham)
    • Gel documentation System (BioRad and UVi Tech)
    • Milli-Q water purifier (Millipore)
    • Ultra deep Freezer -80°C (Panasonic)
    • Nanodrop Spectrophotometer (Ipmplen)
    • Hybridization Oven (Zenith)
    • Biosafety Cabinet BSL-Class II (Kartos)
    • Deep Freezer -20°C (Voltas)
    • Western Blotting System (sanctioned)
    • BOD incubator for Mycobacterium culture maintenance (Zenith)
    • Inspissator (Zenith)

    B. Equipments developed through annual grants (self supporting) generated from the M. Sc. Molecular & Human Genetics Programme (Since 2003) (Equipments costing 1.0 lakh or less)
    • Laminar Flow Bench
    • Basic lab Microscopes
    • Stereoscopic Microscopes
    • Microtome
    • High Speed cooling Centrifuge
    • Electrophoretic systems (Vertical and Horizontal)
    • Refrigerator
    • Tissue culture Incubator
    • BOD incubator for Drosophila maintenance
    • Small equipment: pH Meter, Incubators, Autoclaves, water bath, micropipettes, microbalance, microfuge,   shaking water bath and incubators etc.

    C. Equipments developed through a one-time grant sanctioned by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi
    • Fluorescence microscope (Leica, Germany)
    • CO2 Incubator (Sanyo, Japan)
    • Cooling water bath (MRC, Israel)
    • Inverted Microscope (Leica, Germany)
    • Stereozoom trinocular microscope (Leica, Germany)
    • Research Microscope with digital photography system (Leica, Germany)
    • UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific)
    • UV Trans-illuminator (sanctioned)

    D. Animal House facility
    • The Centre for Genomics has 1 spacious room for animal rearing.

    E. Library
    • 300 (Approx)
    • Journals subscribed (04)

    F. Computer and Internet facility
    • All the classroom and laboratories are connected with broadband LAN connection having continuous access to the UGC Inflibnet. Students can also use the facilities of the DBT sponsored Bioinformatics Centre at the School of Studies in Neuroscience.

    G. Hostel
    • ostel facilities are provided by the University. The University has two boys and two girls hostel in its campus

    H. Present source of funding
    The course is being run on a self supporting basis. Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, New Delhi, has substantially funded for generating advance equipment facilities, library and other requirements for research and training at the Centre for Genomics and to the students of MHG.